The Job of a Service Committee Member (Paperback)

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Given the perpetual barrage of mind strengthening, it is easy to forget that one needs to take care of the body. And that's when The Service Committee comes into action. Relieving the needs of the body and the mind, the members of the Service Committee spend all day and night tending to everyone most primary needs. It's hard and tiring work, but it's a job that only they can perform. Humorous, intense and erotic, Inoue's Service Committee is a look at physical education as we have rarely seen before.

About the Author

Kiyoshiro Inoue has been a contributor to the manga and anime industry for over twenty years. His credits include working with Sunrise as a character designer for Overman King Gainer and collaborating with Studio Trigger as part of their monthly illustration showcase. Inoue also works consistently with the doujin circle, PERESTROIKA.

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ISBN: 9781634420235
ISBN-10: 1634420233
Publisher: FAKKU
Publication Date: September 28th, 2021
Pages: 230
Language: English