The Story of the Grand Canyon's Establishment 100 Years Later (Paperback)

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It's hard to imagine a time in which the Grand Canyon was not regarded as one of the most exquisite and awe-inspiring natural wonders of the United States. But it has only recently become the revered national landmark that we know it to be today. For much of U.S. history; it was over-looked at best; exploited at worst. In The Story of the Grand Canyon's Establishment 100 Years Later; you'll discover the adventurous and tumultuous road that eventually led to the Grand Canyon's success as a national landmark; tourist attraction; and home to all sorts of flora and fauna. From its ties to Native American culture and Teddy Roosevelt's campaign for preservation to the encroaching railroad tyrants and daring explorations into its mysterious; mystical ravines; the Grand Canyon's history is filled with as many twists and turns as the gorges' themselves. After exploring the canyon's history; study the present preservation and environmental efforts that will hopefully ensure the canyon's glory for years to come. The future is yet unknown; but the Grand Canyon has stood long before our time and will stand long after we are gone; steadfast and magnificent.

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Hannah Litwiller is a freelance writer and cat astrologist. She has written numerous books for Atlantic Publishing; including The Young Adult's Guide to Roberts Rules of Order and So You Want to Go to Graduate School? She is the proud owner of Comedian the cat.

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