Youth Halted Between: Bad Choices & God's Purpose (Paperback)

Youth Halted Between: Bad Choices & God's Purpose By Joyce L. Carelock Cover Image
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This book is one that every parent must read. How many times have you had to endure what appear to be bad choices of your children, although you know that God has a purpose for them? I do not want to downplay our children's potential, but I want to focus on the fact that children have a choice to make better decisions while they walk in God's plan and purpose for their individual lives. These gifts from God are what every parent hopes to receive ... but what happens? Now that they are talking and have become teenagers, you wish many days that they would be quiet You hear complaining all the time, along with the whining that you detest. How do you keep from despair because of the misguided thinking you hear? What motivates you to hope against hope when rebellious, self-centered, disobedient, stubborn children stand in front of you, mouthing off and saying that you are the problem or at least the reason for their failures? Now, for the first time, your precious little blessings appear to be curses straight from a Freddie Kruger movie. You may wonder: Who is this monster that has been living in my house and eating my food? Who is this alien that I have been tending and nursing for many years? Joyce Carelock's mission is to bring hope and healing to the wounded through biblical teachings, retreats, seminars, and conferences. Her purpose is to encourage people to walk in God's purpose and plan for their individual lives.

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ISBN: 9781613793770
ISBN-10: 1613793774
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: July 21st, 2011
Pages: 190
Language: English