Saint Francis and Brother Duck (Paperback)

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Fun and informative! See the life of Francis come to life as never before in this graphic novel based on the real-life events of the saint’s life, set in the mountains of Italy. Francis saves the life of an innocent duck, the only fictitious character in the story, and the two become each other’s inspiration. As they grow in faith and friendship, Francis recognizes in Br. Duck everything that he desires in living the Gospel life: humility, poverty, and a childlike imagination. Readers of all ages will enjoy the humor as well as the ageless wisdom offered as the story of Francis’s life is vividly told, scene-by-scene.

About the Author

From an early age, James Stoeckl was an aspiring cartoonist. After traveling to Assisi, he was inspired by the life of St. Francis and professed as a Secular Franciscan. He has a master’s degree in teaching and has taught elementary and middle school for eleven years. Jay lives in southwestern Colorado with his wife and family.

Praise For…

“Few could match the passion of Giovanni Francesco Bernardone for the unencumbered life, more theological than logical. To people like his father, he looked like a fool, while to debut talent Stoeckl, a secular Franciscan, St. Francis serves as a transcendent model to whom he pays homage in a comic-book biography of the saint—with a duck (a comic foil and discussion partner) who accompanies Francis through a lifetime of asceticism. While the premise is quirky—telling the story of poverty-seeking clergy while giving a fictional fowl second billing—the purity of Stoeckl’s vision, not to mention Francis’s, makes it compelling...Like the saint it chronicles, it’s a genuine effort by a kind-natured soul. On every page, Stoeckl offers unabashed, uncritical, unflinching love for Francis, his Christianity, and the bond between all living things. Stoeckl’s work may be an odd duck, but it’s a graceful one.” (Apr.) —Publisher’s Weekly Online Review

“I didn’t realize that St. Francis, the world’s most popular saint, still needed any introductions – but Jay Stoeckl has pulled it off. What a beautiful telling this is of such a beautiful life! Highly recommended.” —Jon M. Sweeney, author of The St. Francis Prayer Book and editor of St. Francis of Assisi in His Own Words: The Essential Writings

Saint Francis and Brother Duck is his [Stoeckl's] graphic retelling of the life of Francis. In these pages we meet the young Francis who dreams of being a glorious knight. His father sends him off to battle arrayed in fine clothes and armor.  But before he sees much battle he rescues a duck from some cruel boys...In Stoeckl’s retelling, the duck he saved returns home with Francis and remains his companion for the nearly twenty years...Brother Duck is a simple and earnest character. He is a faithful friend to Francis and goes with him everywhere but doesn’t always understand Francis. Sometimes he asks probing questions which allow Francis to share his grand theological vision. Other times Brother Duck provides comic relief by being  just as slow to understand Francis as the rest of us. In the end the Brother Duck is a faithful interpreter of Francis’s message and legacy.” —James Matichuk,


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ISBN: 9781612611594
ISBN-10: 1612611591
Publisher: Paraclete Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2013
Pages: 137
Language: English