The Boys Volume 4: We Gotta Go Now - Garth Ennis Signed (Paperback)

The Boys Volume 4: We Gotta Go Now - Garth Ennis Signed Cover Image
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The fourth Dynamite collection of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys is here All is not well with mysterious millionaire John Godolkin's band of misfits. Silver Kincaid, one of the original G-Men, has just committed suicide in the most public and grotesque way imaginable. That's not good news for Vought-American's number one franchise, with G-Force, G-Coast, G-Style, G-Wiz, the G-Brits and the G-Nomads all depending on their slice of the G-pie. There's far too much at stake for anyone to go poking around the G-Mansion now. Who knows what dirty secrets might be waiting down there in the dark? So it's just too bad that Butcher, Hughie, Mother's Milk, the Frenchman and the Female have decided to do precisely that. Even if they risk finally biting off much, much more than they can chew. The Boys, Vol. 4: We Gotta Go Now collects issues 23-30 of the acclaimed series and features a complete cover gallery including all of the alternate covers from the run (along with the covers by Darick Robertson, John Cassaday, Howard Chaykin, Garry Leach, David Lloyd, Dave Gibbons, Carlos Ezquerra, Steve Dillon and Jim Lee.

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ISBN: 9781524108168
ISBN-10: 1524108162
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2018
Pages: 184
Language: English