The Art Of Manifesting Love (Paperback)

The Art Of Manifesting Love By Linda Hart Streeter Ma Cover Image
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Love is more easily experienced than defined. As a theological virtue, by which we love God above all things and our neighbours as ourselves for his sake, it seems remote until we encounter it enfleshed, so to say, in the life of another - in acts of kindness, generosity and self-sacrifice. Love's the one thing that can never hurt anyone, although it may cost dearly. The paradox of love is that it is supremely free yet attaches us with bonds stronger than death. It cannot be bought or sold; there is nothing it cannot face; love is life's greatest blessing. -Catherine Wybourne, Benedictine nun '''' "Rarely are there found opportunities where excellence is created in marrying the scholarly and psychological concentrations of love to the written, living Word of God and its application of love. Yet love is embraced from a theological and psychological way that captures not just one's intellect, but also the soul and emotions. -Pastor LaBryant Friend, M.Div. '''' Love is the essence of our truest self and existence. It is our nature to love and to receive love. Any time we act, behave or think outside of our authentic nature, there we find conflict and all acts of fleshly desires-adultery, fornication, indecency, obsession, sorcery, murdering, hostility/hate, strife, jealousy, anger (ill-temper), selfishness, divisions and dissensions, envy, drunkenness and addictions, which are unnatural to our true self. Compulsive behaviors, mental distresses and physical illnesses are directly rooted in the quality of love and relationships experienced with self and others. -Linda H. Streeter

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