Let There Be Light! (Paperback)

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By Robert S. Dutch, Kenneth Stewart (Foreword by)
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Have you ever wondered what it is like to work on a nuclear power plant? Robert Dutch worked in the UK's nuclear industry for many years as a scientist and then as a tutor at a nuclear training center. He also holds degrees in theology. Drawing upon his qualifications and experience Robert addresses the controversial issue of nuclear power from a Christian perspective. In contrast to a negative nuclear narrative often portrayed, he presents a positive nuclear narrative alongside other ways of generating electricity. Be prepared to be challenged to think seriously about nuclear's merits in providing clean, low-carbon electricity. ""A wide-ranging, comprehensive, and informative exploration of nuclear energy for the non-specialist. There is an open examination of the pros and cons of the nuclear power industry. Robert Dutch emphasizes the positive, acknowledges the negative, and advocates the key role of a nuclear source of electricity in the fight against anthropogenic climate change. This is an immediate and easy-to-read introduction to the subject, which will greatly help Christian leaders to engage with the debate."" --John Weaver, Baptist minister; chair of the John Ray Initiative ""Dutch covers an impressive amount of ground in this short book, without sacrificing detail or clarity. His positive nuclear narrative challenges common assumptions and helps us to think more deeply and openly about nuclear power as part of an energy mix that could mitigate the pressing problem of climate change while there is still time."" --John J. Bimson, Associate Research Fellow, Trinity College, Bristol ""Dutch has written a timely, significant book. His work helps us to think through the role that nuclear power might play in solving our energy crisis. As a nuclear scientist and theologian, Rob is the right person to guide us through the difficult ecological, economic, and theological issues. His book is an important and accessible contribution . . . it will help the church respond responsibly and helpfully to a controversy that affects us all."" --Stephen Finamore, Principal, Bristol Baptist College ""Robert Dutch makes a powerful case for nuclear power remaining an essential component of our electricity generation technologies."" --Rodney Holder, Bye Fellow of St. Edmund's College, Cambridge Robert S. Dutch worked for many years as a scientist on two nuclear power plants and then as a tutor at a nuclear training center within the UK's nuclear industry. After completing postgraduate work in biblical studies, including a PhD, he worked as a consultant in the nuclear industry on various projects. Before retirement he worked at Bristol Baptist College as a course administrator and tutor in New Testament Greek.

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