More Light on the Expanding Universe (Paperback)

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More Light on the Expanding Universe explores the ramifications of the existence of a fourth physical dimension into which the universe is expanding. One of these is the possibility that light travels at infinite speed from the source to any receptor anywhere, rather than at the 300,000 Kilometers per second generally accepted by contemporary physicists. This resolves many of the paradoxes in present-day physics, and simplifies many of the complexities associated with Einstein's special theory of relativity.

In More Light on the Expanding Universe, Les Hardison, now retired from a career as a mechanical engineer, reveals decades of pondering the state of physics and develops this alternate premise. This volume continues the presentation begun in its companion work, A New Light on the Expanding Universe.

More Light on the Expanding Universe proceeds in a thoughtful and orderly way to draw out the consequences of reconceiving the nature of light. In the course of seventeen chapters, the explication of this revised understanding of light relies both on traditional thought-experiments and on the development and explanation of the equations that physicists typically use to delineate statements of the nature and interaction of matter and energy. The final chapter provides both context and commentary on the journey the author undertook to develop the work's statement of the nature of physical reality.

This exploration proposes a novel conception of physics and explains the ramifications of asserting that light travels from a source to any detector instantaneously rather than at a finite velocity.

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