Gunwolf: Fax Manga #1 (Hardcover)

Gunwolf: Fax Manga #1 Cover Image
By Ebeling


Hardcover, 6 x 9 in.


The original comic book with its own soundtrack, Gunwolf is a cult favorite that sold out on it's first printing in bespoke comic and record stores from LA to Paris. The original comic from DIRT BIKE PRESS and companion Soundtrack Album released simultaneously on INGRID Records features a conceptual score from Coco Morier, Stereo Total, and The Suzan plus members of Peter, Bjorn & John and Teddybears. Together, words, images, and music collaboratively told the Gunwolf story, which was available on physical editions with special collectors item cassettes and vinyl picture discs as well as digital download editions.


Japan's Hirohito Co.'s employs Gunwolf, their best corporate enforcer who has a penchant for synth-rock, a reputation for mayhem, and the intensely rebellious skill set to carry out the impossible. Sent on an official Hirohito mission to Orange Co., California, Gunwolf accidentally gets embroiled into the sunny suburban wasteland of the "O.C". Its quirky inhabitants from desert warehouses to intense hipster club scenes throw a wrench into his ability to complete his mission, setting him up for yet another reprogramming session by Hirohito Co.'s elite force of Panda Women.

Written by A.P. Menzies and Nick Ebeling Illustrated by Akiko Stehrenberger

Product Details
ISBN: 9780998723990
ISBN-10: 0998723991
Publisher: Hat & Beard Press
Publication Date: November 30th, 2019
Language: English