60 Second Tarot (Paperback)

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Looking for a fast way to learn tarot? "60 Second Tarot" will explain the cards so simply that anyone can read the entire deck within sixty seconds

Sound impossible?

Not with these simple tools that break down symbols into pieces of a larger puzzle. You will be able to remember a meaning for every card in the deck in less than one minute. Anmarie Uber is a 32 year veteran of tarot guiding students to read with speed and accuracy. And now she is sharing her life's work to help you take over this system of divining the future and become its master

60 Second Tarot: The Quick Road to Mastery will also help you:

  • Predict the timing of events with accuracy.
  • Always remember what a card means.
  • Read with or without intuition.
  • Learn the meanings of numbers, colors, symbols, and much, much more.

60 Second Tarot is the easy-to-use handbook for learning to read the future. If you like simple solutions, practical advice from trusted experts and measurable results then you'll love Anmarie Uber's empowering guide to harnessing the ability to read like a pro.

Get "60 Second Tarot" now and throw out those instructional booklets

Product Details
ISBN: 9780997472295
ISBN-10: 0997472294
Publisher: Tuggle Publishing
Publication Date: March 30th, 2020
Pages: 248
Language: English