The New Physics of Multidimensional Time (Paperback)

The New Physics of Multidimensional Time By Jose Santiago Flores Cover Image
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This book proposes a comprehensive study on "The Theory of Everything." It covers particle's geometrical structure; the intimate mechanics of energy emission and absorption . It explains how GRAVITY, CHARGE AND MAGNETISM are generated. It deduces most important physics laws and equations as: Newton, Einstein-Planck, Coulomb, Ampere, Schrodinger, and others. It proposes a new ATOMIC, NUCLEAR AND ORBITAL model also studying a new description for the BETA EMISSION. It also describes a new perspective on COSMOLOGY, proposing that the universe started as a powerful flash when "LIGHT WAS DONE.

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ISBN: 9780988180024
ISBN-10: 0988180022
Publisher: Wisdom Cornerstone
Publication Date: July 25th, 2016
Pages: 362
Language: English