Brahe Church: The Count's Treasury (Hardcover)

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A comprehensive photo history of the ancient 1636 Brahe Church on Visingso Island in southern Sweden. Written in both English and Swedish, the high-quality color photographs provide a unique visual journey through the history, Baroque architecture, and valuable royal and religious artifacts of the Brahe Church. The book includes photographs of oil and ceiling paintings, woodcarvings, brass plaques, statues, tombs, church ceremonial artifacts, bridal jewelry, chasuble made from a gold thread coronation cloak, and an early Bible dated 1647

About the Author

Alyssa Joy Nelson is a talented young commercial photographer with a gift for capturing photos of objects that cannot be moved, are situated in difficult lighting conditions, are most likely classified as priceless artifacts, and take months to obtain countless permits to get within camera range. Her first book, Brahe Church: The Count's Treasury, is a color photo history of the ancient 1636 Brahe Church located on Visingso Island in Sweden. Her photographic eye, layout creativity, and computer skills with Photoshop and InDesign were invaluable contributions to the creation of the Brahe Church book. Alyssa Nelson is a graduate from Harrington College of Design in Chicago, Illinois. She currently lives near Las Vegas, Nevada.

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ISBN: 9780984026609
ISBN-10: 0984026606
Publisher: Silverview Publishing
Publication Date: December 1st, 2014
Pages: 64
Language: English