The Eyes of Innocence (Paperback)

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Little did her aunt and uncle know what they were letting themselves in for when they adopted three-year-old Kalina. By the age of five, Kalina begins showing psychic abilities and the power to heal. The Eyes of Innocence is the first book in a series by Tika Newman and begins when fifteen-year-old Kalina and her family must relocate again. Within days, Kalina manages to get herself suspended from school. Later the same day, Kalina falls in the woods and is tended to by a mysterious couple. Cory, her handsome neighbor, rescues Kalina on horseback. Join Kalina in this heartwarming story of a special girl as she grows up displaying an innate way with animals. The story takes many twists and turns as Kalina's heritage is revealed. Her aunt and uncle anxiously try to teach her to tone down her abilities and hide her secret. They want her to have a normal life. But Kalina seems to have other plans. Kalina is is her story. Book 1 of's series.

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ISBN: 9780982150702
ISBN-10: 0982150709
Publisher: Thistlewood Publishing
Publication Date: October 29th, 2008
Pages: 344
Language: English