Love Beyond Your Dreams: Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve (Paperback)

Love Beyond Your Dreams: Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve By Riana Cert Coach Milne Cover Image
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Tired of Painful, Dysfunctional Relationships? It's time to Love Yourself More Let's admit that a loving, safe, and passionate relationship isn't easy to create. However, it is possible to attract your dream partner and enjoy a happy, evolved relationship. If you've done all the right things yet still end up with emotionally toxic partners, have hope. You can find the love you deserve It starts with choosing to love in a different way Love Beyond Your Dreams is a relationship book like no other. If you're experiencing post-traumatic shock from another lie or cheating lover, your partner has left you for another, you're questioning whether to stay or go, or you just want to get love right the next time, learn the warning signs of risky personality types to leave behind. Know the personal changes you need to heal, regain your self-esteem, reinvent yourself and have the most satisfying levels of human love. Part 1: How to spot an emotional manipulator or toxic person Part 2: How to stop the cycle of dysfunctional, abusive relationships Part 3: How to save and reinvent yourself and get on a path to healing Part 4: How to have a healthy, loving, evolved relationship Understand the critical issues that plague failed relationships. Toxic behaviors are identified, with unhealthy patterns and destructive personality traits clearly explained to help you understand your partner's actions and whether your relationship can be saved. Learn how to choose an evolved partner with characteristics essential to creating a loving relationship. Transform your relationship patterns and choose a magnificent partner to receive the love you deserve. Get ready to Love Beyond your Dreams Riana Milne brings a proven professional and unique personal background to Love Beyond Your Dreams. She holds an MA in Applied Clinical & Counseling Psychology, has taught for over 30 years, is an expert Certified Relationship & Life Coach, and has practiced as a Professional counselor for over 14 years. This is the second book in the Beyond Your Dreams(TM) series. She addresses facing fears through knowledge, raised awareness and self-esteem, and reaching transformational personal and relationship success for a dream-filled life. Her app, My Relationship Coach, offers convenient coaching services. Riana's practice, Therapy by the Sea, is located in Palm Beach County, FL and Atlantic County, NJ, USA.

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ISBN: 9780978596569
ISBN-10: 0978596560
Publisher: By the Sea Book Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: March 15th, 2014
Pages: 424
Language: English