Journey to Jesus With Me (Paperback)

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Each day is considered a gift, so treat yourself to the best gift of all, a stronger, more capable, and spiritual self. Journey to Jesus With Me is a daily devotional written by Rose Jackson-Beavers to 1) encourage you to look inwardly, 2) think about the things that might have been imbedded in your subconscious, and 3) motivate you to make changes in your present.

For 30 days, this book guides the readers with a prominent daily scripture that will allow each person to address past thoughts with current actions. You will not go on this journey alone as Rose Jackson-Beavers relives some of her moments. Through transparency and faith, Rose shares lessons that her mother instilled in her and how she incorporated those lessons into her life. She also shares a corresponding scripture to help those who desire encouragement and help to think of those things.

During a time of such harshness, this book was written to build the reader up, and give you a fresh start to each day, no matter how the previous day has been.

Within 30 days, allow yourself the space and the opportunity to put your spiritual and emotional life first, and aim to fix the things that might be hindering you. As you go through each day, with Rose Jackson-Beavers, allow the scriptures, anecdotes, and thought-led questions to speak to you as you continue to pursue the trials of life. As each day passes, you get stronger, until finally you have your own stories to reference and build yourself up.

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ISBN: 9780975363461
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Publisher: Prioritybooks Publications
Publication Date: January 9th, 2023
Pages: 232
Language: English