How to Win the Pick 6: Horse Racing's Big $$$ Payday (Paperback)

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Would a $400,000 Pick 6 paycheck change your life? If youre consistently losing money at the racetrack, here is your opportunity to turn it all around and become a winner]fast The name of this game isnt, Who knows the most about horse racing or handicapping? The name of this game is, Can you win BIG money at the racetrack year after year? The only way to do so is to become a Pick 6 winner. A repeat Pick 6 winner. Millions of horseplayers simply just dont get it. They are losers. Readers of How to WIN the PICK 6 are going to get it. They are going to learn how to stop being losers and how to become winners. They will be pushed, coached and mentored into working responsibly with their racing bankroll. Frittering money away on pick 3s, exactas, superfectas and super high fives is not what winners do. Playing those fun bets will drain your bank account. Author Steven Kolb launches an assault on his readers to help put an end to their loser label. Readers will learn how to turn the tide and become winners. Not just winners: Kolb wants his readers who get it to become BIG winners. If you want to be in the Winners Circle youll need to learn how to play the Pick 6, when to play the Pick 6, where to play the Pick 6 and what to do once you start cashing in on five- and six-figure paychecks. This IS your opportunity This book can pay for itself, your retirement, AND your house For information about Author Steven Kolb, visit the publishers website rhovenpublishing com.

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ISBN: 9780974402307
ISBN-10: 0974402303
Publisher: Rhoven Publishing
Publication Date: April 17th, 2009
Pages: 412
Language: English