Metals and Welding (Paperback)

Metals and Welding By V. J. Morford, Thomas A. Hoerner, W. R. Anderson Cover Image
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This ASAE Blue Ribbon Award winning Hobar manual in five manuals in one. It contains units on measuring instruments, project planning, metals, oxy-acetylene welding and cutting, and arc welding, including over 250 illustrations and pictures. Some topic areas include metal working hand tools, soldering, plasma arc cutting, welding plastics, and industrial welding processes. Another unit is construction projects in welding - a set of 23 popular metals and welding projects with bill of materials and construction details. Learning activities are included for each unit.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780913163191
ISBN-10: 0913163198
Publisher: Hobar Publications
Publication Date: January 1st, 1988
Pages: 248
Language: English