The Rattling Window (Paperback)

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Poetry. "The poems in THE RATTLING WINDOW reveal an imagination caught up in the wondrous ordinariness of simply being, knowing how complicated in fact such simplicity is. Staples manages this magic by the quality of her attention, the articulate, luminous sympathy she brings to whatever her eye takes in. Whether it's a seashore, a field in winter, the 'whiplong honeycomb casing of a snake, ' or the astonishing, unforgettable thereness of a horse, it's all illuminated by this poet's 'bright lines of light.' She speaks of 'unearthly singing just the wind in the ear of a whelk.' Of such singing bringing the ordinary and the amazing into illuminating alignment are these poems made." Eamon Grennan.
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ISBN: 9780912592961
ISBN-10: 0912592966
Publisher: Ashland Poetry Press
Publication Date: April 15th, 2013
Pages: 92
Language: English