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For the Love of Armin is the story of the battle that defined Europe. In today's Europe, there is a boundary between those who prefer beer and those who drink wine. Where the romance languages based on Latin are spoken and where the Germanic languages are spoken. This came about because of the battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D., in which the Roman armed forces lost three legions and their supporting auxialiary units.

This resulted in the Germanic leader named Armin (Germanic name} or Arminius (Latin name) wiping out the Romans and cutting the head off the Roman leader prior to taking it to his ally called Marobod, king of Bohemia. Marobod sent the head to Rome where it was received by the first Roman emperor, Augustus. The fact that Rome had now lost more than 20,000 soldiers was an immense blow to Ausgustus and he did not shave or comb his hair for months afterwards. At night Augustus could be heard yelling, "Varus, Varus, give me back my legions "

All of this resulted in Rome recalling all Roman units from Germania and they never returned, other than to conduct some isolated raids and other incursions. After their victory, the Germanic tribes were worried that Armin was going to become a king and end their fiercely indepedent life styles. This resulted in the murder of the hero and the enslavement of his wife. Things cam to a head with the enslavement and sale to a gladiator school of Thumelicus - the son of Armin. This novel is heavily based upon fact

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