Unsheathed: The Story of Muhammad (Short Version with Pictures) (Paperback)

Unsheathed: The Story of Muhammad (Short Version with Pictures) By Tara MacArthur, Connor O'Grady Cover Image
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This is the story of the goatherd who changed the world. Although he was one of the most influential men in history, few people today know anything about him. This book, researched from the earliest Islamic sources, documents his life.

Here at last the truth is laid bare: his humble beginnings; why he believed he had a message from Allah; how he convinced some of his neighbours to accept his message and why others were sceptical; and what eventually led to swords being UNSHEATHED.

In the bitter conflict for Arabia's soul, treaties were broken, strangers were slain, and parents, children, brothers and wives were betrayed. Survivors were drawn into the close-knit Muslim community and the compelling rule of sharia. The Prophet, convinced that Allah had sent him as a mercy to all the world, met every challenge without faltering in his mission.

This is the story of Muhammad.

This shortened edition of the text includes 94 uncensored pictures of Muhammad in full colour.

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ISBN: 9780645136937
ISBN-10: 064513693X
Publisher: Tara MacArthur
Publication Date: April 8th, 2021
Pages: 258
Language: English