Hidden Challenges of People of Faith and How to Navigate Them (Paperback)

Hidden Challenges of People of Faith and How to Navigate Them By E. D. Allen Cover Image
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HIDDEN CHALLENGES OF PEOPLE OF FAITH AND HOW TO NAVIGATE THEM is the first volume of a seven-book series entitled Phantoms of Faith. It provides comprehensive information that helps deal with unique challenges in unorthodox contexts It analyzes how this affects one's relationship with the Creator. Volume one begins with a powerful reminder of creation and the inevitable daunting task of preserving equilibrium between the human experience and the God who created us.

Dr. Allen shows how are our natural being fuels the incessant trek to define, become and belong; and how life's inevitable trials are derivative of phantom forces seeking to undermine relationship with the Lord. The book motivates churches, pastors, and families to revolutionize approaches

to brokenness, recovery, and bridge gaps in relationships between people and the chasm existing between the Faith Community and millions of

unchurched/dechurched people in society. Volume one is a powerful resource for anyone searching for identity and meaningfulness while navigating life's challenges.

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ISBN: 9780578220215
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Publication Date: April 18th, 2019
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