Book Stock Request Form

Main Point Books loves to support local authors. We believe that you should be able to find your book on the shelf of your local bookstore and direct your friends and family to a bricks and mortar location to buy it.

To be eligible for consideration your book must:

*  Be bound, with clear and legible title and author information on the cover and the spine.
*  Have a valid ISBN number AND barcode.
*  Meet standard wholesale sales terms: at least a 40% discount, free freight, and returnable from a publisher or our distributor, Ingram.


If we are unable to source your book through our primary distributor, Ingram, and you are very local (within 10 miles of the store) we may ask you to provide the book at a 50% discount. We will purchase the book from you when you drop it off and restock as needed.

When we stock your book, we require that you publicize that the book is available at Main Point Books. Any author links must include Main Point Books as an online option.

If you are interested in Main Point Books stocking your book. Please fill out the form below. We will let you know our decision within 4 weeks.

All fields marked with '*' denotes mandatory fields
Please include your zip code
Please give us a brief description of your book and include genre.
Please write a brief biography and include any ties that you have to Wayne, PA.
Are you traditionally published? Please list the publisher. (Terms: the book must be available through an established publisher from whom we regularly order, or our distributor, Ingram. discount to the bookstore must be at least 40% and all unsold books must be returnable to publisher or distributor.)*
Are you self-published or hybrid published? (NOTE: Your book must be professionally edited, have a spine, be available from our distributor, Ingram and be returnable. Our terms are 50/50)
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