Anmiryam's Picks

I've been a bookseller here at Main Point Books since the Fall of 2014 and am enjoying every minute of the time I spend in the store, whether helping customers or leading the Fiction Book Group. I read primarily fiction, but my tastes are wide ranging. You're just as likely to find me reading Literary Fiction, as Sci-Fi & Fantasy, as Mysteries & Thrillers. When I pull myself away from fiction I love to immerse myself in history and biography, with the occassional science book for good measure.

My current favorites include:

What could be more fun than the adventures of a group of disgraced MI-5 Agents who for one reason or another cannot be fired, despite serious missteps. This group of misfits toil away at menial tasks while in exile at Slough House -- which is nowhere near a slow, but does provide the moniker for the poor sods stuck working there. All of them hope to get back to the mother ship in Regent's Park, but the odds are stacked against them. The plotting is intricate, the pacing is fabulous, the writing is breezy and sardonic. It all adds up to great good fun and if you like this one, there are two more entries in the series with, fingers crossed, more to come.




At seventeen Flo is smart, tough, vulnerable and itching to leave Bancree, her tiny Scottish island, as soon as she finishes school. Despite her impatience with the bleak isolation of island life Flo is attuned to the seductive mysteries of the Hebrides. A school project on myth, and the chance discovery of a slender volume of stories about Selkies, ignite her imagination. The tales, which are seductive, haunting, and horrific, perfectly reflect Flo's own teetering moment at the edge of adulthood. 

Flo's research into Selkie's is set against a developing mystery -- several island men have vanished and what role do the the shadowy newcomers John and Aisa have to play? As Flo forms a tentative friendship with the daughter Aisa, and a crush on Aisa's father, myth and mystery intertwine and tension builds. Prepare to read at the risk of losing sleep, I know I did.


Margaret Cavendish is little known today, despite having garnered a passing mention in Virgina Woolf's A Room of One's Own, but she was remarkable for being the first woman to write and publish consistenly in English. Her imagination gave rise to musings on science and technology, poetry, plays, even utopian science fiction. Her life was remarkable and she was infamous for her eccentricity as well as her accomplishments. Danielle Dutton brings us into Margaret's imagination and gives us glimpses of how the world saw her as she went from being a queen's lady-in-waiting to a noblewoman in exile during the English Civil War, to a duchess and member of the Royal Society. The book is entrancing and even has made me want to know more of Margaret's eventful life and work.





Slow Horses (Slough House #1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781616954161
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Soho Crime - March 11th, 2014

The Visitors Cover Image
ISBN: 9781612194639
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Melville House - December 29th, 2015

Margaret the First Cover Image
ISBN: 9781936787357
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Catapult - March 15th, 2016